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Our Business is Finishing Yours

Precision Polishing

When holding close dimensional tolerances is not needed, how about polishing it? 

Precision Polishing is a great way to achieve a bright uniform finish and hold reasonable sizing tolerances while expediting product through put and saving the customer money.  Why over finish a product when it's just not needed?

In addition, for very low surface finishes, a super-finisher is part of our equipment inventory. This machine can produce a surface finish down to 1 Ra!

Our Commitment to Quality

Our efficiency and outstanding attention to detail allow us provide you with the

highest quality processing of your parts, how you need them and when you need them.

Process & Capacities:

  • Up to 46" diameter
  • 28' length
  • OD tolerances of .001"
  • 4 RMS surface finish

40" x 40" large oven door

Belt polishing a 4.25"od x 23' long tube before chrome.

Finish Polished to a 4ra finish!  We run these precision pins in batches of 200-600 pieces.