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Copper Plating

The Cyanide Copper Plating process is applied to steel parts to create a mask. This mask is required during the heat treating process, specifically carburizing and nitriding, to prevent select areas from hardening. When applied to a thickness of .002", this quality coating provides outstanding protection to the base material during the heat treat cycle.

Our quality process is designed to hold each of your parts individually to prevent part to part damage. The parts are placed on specially designed racks that are moved through the various chemical mixtures by computer control. This ensures a consistent, high-quality, and economical copper coating.

Anti-Seize Protection
Copper Plating is applied to a variety of parts to prevent seizing during the assembly process. The coating provides a barrier to mating parts to help prevent galvanic corrosion and allows parts to be disassembled when necessary.

Cost Savings

Copper Plating is a very economical process compared to hand applied masking agents. In addition, our copper plating process is free of porosity, therefore there will be no heat treatment leak through to the base metal which could cause hard spots and machining problems. The hard spots in the base material leads to excessive wear or broken cutting tools.

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Our Commitment to Quality

Our efficiency and outstanding attention to detail allow us provide you with the

highest quality processing of your parts, how you need them and when you need them.

Processes & Capacities:

  • 0001" - .005" Cu thickness
  • Masking for heat treatment
  • Aircraft parts approval
  • Fully automated processing

These parts are liners for combustion engines. The copper is machined from the areas of the part that require heat treat. The copper acts as a mask during this process. Lot control is typically maintained on these parts.

Part of an assembly that can not tolerate any seizing during the process. The copper coating, only about .0002" thick, acts as a lubricant. It prevents metal-to-metal contact and makes for a smooth, galling free, assembly operation.

20,000 parts per shift??

No Problem!