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Black Oxide

Black Oxide is a jet black coating applied by submersing steel parts into a boiling salt solution while the temperature is closely monitored and controlled by the process computer. The computer controls the timing of each chemical solution to ensure a high-quality and consistent finish. The Black Oxide coating penetrates into the base material, which prevents any dimensional change. 

Black Oxide is a great corrosion-resistant finish when coated with a quality oil and is perfect for tooling and very close tolerance parts (with no coating build up on the surface). Our Black Oxide line is operated daily, which allows us to process and complete your parts as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

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Our Commitment to Quality

Our efficiency and outstanding attention to detail allow us provide you with the

highest quality processing of your parts, how you need them and when you need them.

Process & Capacities:

  • 42" diameter capacity
  • 186" length capacity
  • .00025 precision 
  • CNC, NC, and manual grinding machines 
  • Large parts capacity

The computerized Black Oxide line shown in the picture above is moving a carrier full of precision machined parts. The parts have completed the process cycle and will be dipped in a quality oil after inspection. This automated system regulates the time in each chemical process tank so your parts are finished correctly & efficiently... every time!

Finished Black Oxide parts are stacked, packed, and counted individually as part of our stringent quality control standards.

Parts are processed on racks instead of barrels to ensure complete coverage of the Black Oxide coating.