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Our Business is Finishing Yours

About Us

Chromium Plating Company was established in 1929 and directed its services to the oil industry and general metal finishing. In 1972, the company was purchased by William Tabler, Sr. The company has directed its efforts to meeting the demands of the oil industry, aviation, roofing, agriculture, automotive rebuilders, general machine industry and even the sporting industry. William Tabler, Jr. took over as President/CEO in 1979 and remains in control of the wholly owned corporation. 

Chromium Plating Company believes that the customer is king! We try hard to meet our customers demands and we can accomplish this only with a team of dedicated employees empowered to meet the tasks.

Our Mission Statement

Chromium Plating Company will assist our customers in reaching their goals through continuous improvement of our product quality and services while providing the opportunity for our employees to develop their skills to reach their highest potential.

Our Core Values


Eagerness to learn, willingness to take on additional responsibility, goes the extra mile.

Do the Right Thing

Truthful and Self-Accountable 

Care About Others

Values the worth of others, respectful, and listens to others


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Chromium's Chronology